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Connecting active citizens with local non-profits, making a difference every day.
YOU can make a CHANGE in YOUR community in one hour or with one dollar.

What We Do

Hoboken Helps provides a centralized portal for local non-profits to promote their services and request time, money, or other donations from local citizens who want to get involved. Together, we're making the Square Mile City a better place, while forging new friendships and finding new passions.

How It Works


Active Citizens

Complete a profile to specify your needs and priorities.  This enables active citizens to see all of the needs in their community, and align their time and donations with the organizations they're most interested in supporting.  Add a calendar of events, sign-up sheets, and create mailing lists.

Quickly and easily identify all of the non-profits supporting Hoboken and the specific ways that you can help by donating time, money, food, clothing, or anything else.  Specify how much of your time you can donate, any skills or services you can provide, and your ideal times of availability.

Do you operate a non-profit in or near Hoboken and you'd like to become part of the HobokenHelps community?

Do you live in or near Hoboken and you'd like to support one or more local non-profit organizations helping our city?

Event Calendar

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