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About us connects involved citizens of our mile square city with neighbors in need, to maximize both involvement and impact.




At just sixteen years old, Matthew Walker had a realization. Not only had he seen the same people in need around Hoboken throughout most of his life, the number of needy citizens seemed to be growing. He realized that handouts were short-term solutions with little to no long-term impact. He also recognized that our tiny one square mile city of 60,000 people is a unique place where professional athletes live among citizens in subsidized housing. There was a major disconnect between the people in need, and all the people willing and able to help. That's when the idea for was born, launching in 2016.

Matthew left Hoboken to attend James Madison University (JMU) Virginia.  Upon graduation in 2022 he returned to the area and now lives in New York City and works at KPMG. He's enlisted the help of friends in Hoboken he's known his whole life to help with outreach to the participating non-profits, and to provide local promotion of the site. Matthew is determined to prove you're never too young to make a difference.

Are you interesting in joining the HobokenHelps team as a community volunteer, or serving on our Board of Advisors?  If so, please complete the form below and we'll contact you.

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